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This groundbreaking book explores how identity issues thwart the ability to create the life you want.The ideas in Identity will give you the opportunity to truly become the dominant force and author of your life building process.


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Conquer stress with these simple tips.

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This program consists of an e-book, 12-weeks of daily emails and a health coach to answer your questions along the way.

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Dr. A’s new e-book, Stop. Challenge. Choose. 3 Steps Towards Creating Optimal Health, teaches how to change Habits of Disease into Habits of Health. Click here to download!

Dr. A\'s Habits Of Health Dr. A\’s Habits Of Health combines cutting-edge medical research with common sense and gentle guidance. Click here to learn more, read reviews and order online!

Test Your BMI

Body mass index (BMI) is an important measure of disease risk and a helpful way to track your progress as you lose weight. Check out our new BMI Calculator to learn how your weight impacts your health. Measure your BMI now!

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Dr. A\'s Health Quiz Whether your journey to optimal health is just beginning or is years in the making, health assessments are essential. Click here to assess your health!

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Dr. Wayne Andersen
Dr. Wayne Andersen

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