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Book Reviews: Dr. A’s Habits of Health

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Dr. A has put together a wonderful, easy-to-read text that I recommend to all my patients. I am a family physician and follow Dr. A’s lifestyle – with remarkable results. If you are looking to lose weight, be stronger, happier, and LIVE LONGER then you NEED THIS BOOK! “ — Dr. Newfie

Dr. A’s Habits of Health is over 375 pages of wisdom, insight, tips, all in light of a comprehensive structural approach which is light years ahead of anything else in its field.” — Review by Robert Fritz

“Like many people, you’ve probably tried to lose weight and failed. You are not alone… I’m going to give you the knowledge, skills, and support to put you back in the driver’s seat. You and I are going to build a different kind of relationship than you may have experienced in your past medical treatments. I’m not going to use prescriptions, warnings, or fear tactics. Instead, I’ll be your coach, your guide. Together, we’ll put you on the path to taking permanent charge of your health.” – Dr. A’s Habits of Health

This has been a very encouraging book for me, since I have tried so many different diets over the past thirty years, only to gain my weight back. I think I am finally changing my mindset! The book is easy to read, colorful, and informative. I also like the “bullet” thoughts along the outer margins of the pages.” — Julianna Terry Jordan

This has been the best change for my life as I am learning not only what not to eat, but why I should change my eating habits for a longer healthier life. I can tell the difference. It is not a “fad” or extreme diet, it is a well balanced plan for eating what I need to keep my weight in check and live a healthy active life. We have not gone with the Medifast products, but just purchase the right foods to eliminate the foods that have encouraged us to eat more than we need. Great plan!” – Anonymous

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