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Looking Back on National Optimal Health Day 2017

Yesterday, the OPTAVIA community around the world came together to celebrate National Optimal Health Day. My wife, Lori, and I joined our local OPTAVIA employees at the OPTAVIA headquarters for a walk and to celebrate getting America healthy. We even received a declaration for National Optimal Health Day from Baltimore County. Later, we had a Zoom call with coaches and clients from all over the world.

For us, National Optimal Health Day is an opportunity to open the doors of our community even wider, and to show the world that creating health is something worth celebrating. When you pursue optimal wellbeing, you reap huge rewards, not the least of which is more time and energy to spend with your loved ones.

So much of the health industry talks about wellbeing with words like “sacrifice” or phrases like “no pain, no gain.” In our community, we see an entirely different outlook. Coaches and clients aren’t locked in an endless, painful struggle. They are unlocking new aspects of life. They’re keeping up with their kids. They’re going on new adventures. They are enjoying a unique kind of independence that they never dreamed was possible.

That’s worth celebrating! And by joining together to celebrate as a group, we hope that more people can see what the Habits of Health can do for the life of an individual and for a family.

Thank you for celebrating with us, and thank you for sharing the Habits of Health with the world.

In health,

Dr. A

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