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The Habits of Health Self Study Course

The weekly lesson plan outlined in the pages to follow are part of a complete self-study guide to creating Optimal Health in your life.   This comprehensive “Habits of Health System” is  designed to give you control over your daily habits and behaviors in order to create a life of vibrancy and optimal health.

Download >> The Habits of Health System Self Study Course PDF

Dr. Andersen’s Health Quiz PDF (Chapter 5 from Dr. A”s Habits of Health)

Shopping Charts While on 5:1

Please download the following shopping charts to take with you to the grocery store. All files are full color and in PDF format.

Seafood Choices (page 79)

Meat and Poultry Choices (page 80)

Meatless Options (page 80)

Fat and Oil Choices (page 81)

Green Vegetables and Salad (page 82)

Healthy Snacks and Condiments (page 83)

Healthy Low Glycemic Shopping for Health

Resource Information

Physician Information (Appendix A, pp. 326-327)

Buying a Pedometer (Appendix C, p. 333)

You in Motion

Sleep Health

Sleep Log (Appendix G, p. 367)

Tension Charts

Stop Challenge Choose (page 19)

Structural Tension (page 28)

The Foundation of a Healthy Weight (page 46)

Primary Choice (page 47)

Vision Desire Goal (page 51)

Your Structural Tension Chart (page 68)

Your Structural Tension Chart (page 77)

Your Structural Tension Chart for TEE (page 81)

Your Structural Tension Chart to Guide (page 83)

Your Structural Tension Chart to Guide (page 83 right)

Mastering the BeSlim Lifestyle (page 86)

Mastering the BeSlim Lifestyle (page 86 right)

NEAT Additional Calorie Expenditure (page 90)

NEAT Additional Calorie Expenditure (page 90 right)

EAT Walking Program (page 95)

EAT Resistance Program (page 98)

Healthy Sleep (page 103)

Complete Support System (page 107)

Healthy Breathing (page 117)

Healthy Immune System (page 118)

Nutritional Optimization (page 123)

Fulfillment Continuum (page 126)

Fulfillment Continuum (page 126 right)

Fullfillment (page 127)

Success Continuum (page 128)

Maximum Optimally Healthy Age (page 138)

Maximum Optimally Healthy Age (page 138 right)

Reaching Ultrahealth (page 144)

Brain Optimization (page 149)

Brain Optimization (page 149 right)

Reaching Ultrahealth (page 154)

Dr. Wayne Andersen
Dr. Wayne Andersen

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