Giving Back

To create an optimally healthy world, we all need to give back.

In an effort to accomplish this goal, I set up the Optimal Health Shop last year, where I sold merchandise like hats, T-shirts, water bottles and even gym bags.

When I designed this store, I knew I wanted to use the proceeds to give back to the health community, to create a cycle of optimal health within our space.

YGPRCWith 100 percent of the store’s proceeds going to health-related charities, I’m happy to announce our support of two health-related organizations.

First, we donated $1,500 to Beth at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. This institution creates health by conducting research in the field and then analyzing their findings in new, innovative ways. From the website:

PRCs (Prevention Research Centers) use existing knowledge about health promotion and disease prevention to determine if it can be successfully applied in a community setting. Thus we are ‘research centers’ not because we work in a laboratory, but because we measure effectiveness. We do this to seek new ways to improve community health and then share those findings with others.

That’s a mission I can get behind, and that’s a mission I can see changing the way we view health for years to come!
But the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center isn’t the only organization innovating health across America. The Optimal Health store recently provided Larry Cheskin at the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center with a financial boost, as well!

Part of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the weight management center offers individualized care to help inspire long-term changes in a person’s diet, exercise, and behavioral habits.

There are many more coJohnsHopkinsmpanies like these throughout America, groups which work day and night to create a healthier, happier nation for all of us.

We have a big job to do to make our nation healthy.

Let’s kickstart the movement by giving back.

– Dr. Wayne Andersen


To learn more about how you can give back and create health in your community, contact your Health Coach or email

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