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Park it!

17th August 2018

For body and mind benefits, work out in greener pastures, a study in Psychological Science suggests. People who took a nature walk performed 20% better ...Read More

Knead to know.

14th August 2018

Intense activity may temporarily impair immunity, but massage can boost your system. Subjects who followed tough sessions with a rubdown restored levels of molecules in ...Read More



Leading the Health Revolution

Leading the Health Revolution

21st October 2013

What if we found a process that could move people forward, improve their health, and dramatically alter their life? We have found that something. That something is the optimal health movement, and anyone that has been touched by it knows just how powerful it can be...Read More


Dr. Wayne Andersen on Choosing Health

Dr. Wayne Andersen on Choosing Health

20th June 2014

“Hi, I’m Dr. Wayne Andersen, author of “Dr. A’s Habits of Health,” and today I’m going to talk to you a little about yourself. I know you may have struggled with your weight before, we live in a crazy time, and you’ve tried probably diets before, and it probably hasn’t worked for you. 85% of people who lose weight gain it back within two years. Well, let’s talk today a little about you and why you may have struggled.” Click “play” to hear the rest of Dr. A’s message. Read More

Dr. Wayne Andersen on Why Health is so Important

Dr. Wayne Andersen on Why Health is so Important

16th July 2012

“Hi, I’m Dr. Wayne Andersen, author of “Dr. A’s Habits of Health.” Today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about why health is so important. Much like freedom, it’s not until it’s gone that we realize how important it is. In fact, one of the most important things in life is understanding that today by making some small little adjustments in the things you do on a daily basis can make all the difference in whether you’re getting healthy over time, or getting sicker.”Read More

Dr. Wayne Andersen
Dr. Wayne Andersen

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