by Robert Fritz and Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen

This groundbreaking book explores how identity issues thwart the ability to create the life you want. The ideas in Identity will give you the opportunity to truly become the dominant force and author of your life building process.



Dr. Wayne Andersen is a NY Times Bestselling Author, and the leader in creating optimal wellbeing. Want to learn more? Read his books!


Stop. Challenge. Choose. 3 Steps Towards Creating Optimal Health

The new e-book from Dr. Wayne Andersen, NY Times Bestselling Author and leader in creating Optimal Health – it’s free!

We’re committed to providing you the tools and support you need to create Optimal Health in your life. This book is designed to make optimal health accessible for anyone who wants it. We don’t demand that you become an extreme athlete who swings sledge hammers and flips tires. And we don’t put you on a crash diet. The book contains Dr. A’s latest thinking on changing habits of disease into habits of health using a new model for behavioral change. By examining the “cue” of a habit we can work through changing the “routine” to reach reach the same reward. The book also provides self-evaluations for your physical health, mental health and financial health. Click here to download.

Discover Your Optimal Health

Go from surviving to thriving! Anyone who has ever lost weight only to ultimately gain it back will benefit from this life-changing breakthrough program that shows you not only how to reach and maintain your healthy weight, but how to create a life of renewed vibrancy and become as healthy as you can. Thousands of people worldwide have gone from discouragement to confidence by following this easy-to-use guide by “Dr. A,” one of America’s most esteemed and compassionate practitioners of weight loss and optimal health. Discover Your Optimal Health teaches you how to live better, happier, and healthier into your eighties, nineties, and beyond. Learn more…

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Dr. A’s Habits of Health

In his book, Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Dr. Wayne Andersen, one of the nation’s leading innovators in the emerging field of Health Creation, unveils the strategy that’s helped thousands of people break through setback cycles, manage their weight for good, and achieve a vibrancy of living they never dreamed possible – even into their eighties, nineties, and beyond. Combining cutting-edge medical research with common sense and gentle guidance, Dr. A’s Habits of Health is a single source for weight loss and permanent, radiant health. Learn more…

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Living A Longer, Healthier Life

This workbook serves as the companion guide to the best-selling book Dr. A’s Habits of Health, a comprehensive manual designed to give you control of your daily habits and behaviors in order to create a life of vibrancy and optimal health. Living a Longer, Healthier Life is a critical piece of self-actualization. It’s the difference between just reading about creating health and actually doing it. Learn more…

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Habits of Health + Living a Longer Healthier Life

No one should have Dr. A’s Habits of Health without its companion guide, Living a Longer Healthier Life, and the Combo Pack is the best way to get both at a savings! Get the most out of the 5 & 1 Plan and get your Combo Pack today! Only $44.95


Dr. A’s Habits of Health Video Series Vol. 1 & 2

Dr. A’s Habits of Health Video Series Vol. 1 & 2 provide a new layer of personal instruction on the Habits of Health straight from Dr. Andersen himself. With illustrated examples, self-assessment tools, and support resources, the Video Series is designed to further help you incorporate the knowledge and information in both Dr. A’s Habits of Health and Living a Longer Healthier Life: Companion Guide to Dr. A’s Habits of Health into your daily life. Only $14.95


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