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Go from surviving to thriving with this New York Times bestseller!

Anyone who has ever lost weight only to ultimately gain it back will benefit from this life-changing breakthrough program that shows you not only how to reach and maintain your healthy weight, but how to create a life of renewed vibrancy and become as healthy as you can. Thousands of people worldwide have gone from discouragement to confidence by following this easy-to-use guide by “Dr. A,” one of America’s most esteemed and compassionate practitioners of weight loss and optimal health. Discover Your Optimal Health teaches you how to live better, happier, and healthier into your eighties, nineties, and beyond.


A Sample of the Most Helpful Amazon Reviews:

Dr. Wayne Andersen Book Signing

“As someone who has been overweight my entire life, I have been shamed, poked, prodded, blamed, made to feel less-than because I have been unable to “solve” my weight “problem”. Dr. A instead invites me to imagine what my best health could be and helps me to see weight loss as merely the first step in creating my own optimal health.” –Jeanny House (5 stars)

“This book is a game changer for anyone that is thinking about improving their health or losing weight! I’ve struggled for the past 2 years to lose the last 40 lbs to reach my goal weight, after losing 116 lbs in the first year, following Dr. A’s program! What changed? Well, Dr. Andersen explains why that happened to me in this book. Now I help others create health in their life and this book was the missing piece – creating a healthy mind along with a healthy body is required for long-term success.” –Chesley Roe (5 stars)

“Thanks to Dr. Andersen’s work, we have an amazing program for regaining our health. Following his program, I have personally lost over 70 pounds and no longer suffer from Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea. It changed my life so dramatically that I decided to become a health coach for his program and now have the opportunity to help others on the same journey. This book offers the insight to be successful in getting healthy and happy!” –J. Young (5 stars)

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