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Day 46: The NEAT system

Today, we are continuing our discussion of the NEAT System that we started yesterday. The NEAT System is designed for everyone. It’s easy, it’s effective, ...

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Day 40: Starches

Starches are either functional or dysfunctional. As you probably guessed, you should try to incorporate functional starches into your diet while eliminating the dysfunctional starches. Functional: ...

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Day 32: Home Makeover

Today, you are going to make your environment weight-loss ready. The Kitchen Makeover Portion control is important, and you can start by using a nine-inch ...

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Day 33: Beat Cravings

Combating cravings can be tough, but a detailed schedule and a healthy activity plan will help you overcome these Habits of Disease. Whether you have ...

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Day 35: Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits provide essential vitamins and nutrients, but some are better than others. Fifty percent of your nine-inch plate should be occupied by vegetables and ...

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Day 38: Protein

Eating the right proteins will help you feel full and will bolster your overall health. Your portion size for protein will be about the size ...

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