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Friend-proof your diet.

You may have some friends who may not support your goals, whether intentionally or not. These friends might make you feel okay about making excuses, ...

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Juice up your looks.

A diet rich in vitamin C and linoleic acide (a fatty acid found in many vegetable oils) can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dryness, and ...

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Don’t be fooled!

At least 11 popular breakfast cereals contain 12 grams of sugar or more per serving, which is roughly the same amount as a frosted doughnut. ...

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Get minty fresh.

Brush your teeth and tongue with the best-tasting toothpaste you can find. Use mouthwash and breath mints to trick your taste buds.

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Keep exercise fun.

Don’t do the same exercise day after day. Challenge yourself to try something new each week…you never know what you will discover about yourself!

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Boost Your Walking Workout!

When walking, lean forward slightly from your hips to increase momentum, pace, and intensity; tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks to burn more calories; flex ...

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Reboot your brain.

Mundane tasks, such as entering data into a spreadsheet, can switch your mind into default mode, making you more likely to mess up within about ...

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