Dr. A’s Habits of Health

Combining cutting-edge medical research with common sense and gentle guidance, Dr. A’s Habits of Health is a single source for weight loss and permanent, radiant health.

In his bestselling book, Dr. Wayne Andersen, one of the nation’s leading innovators in the emerging field of Health Creation, unveils the strategy that’s helped thousands of people break through setback cycles, manage their weight for good, and achieve a vibrancy of living they never dreamed possible – even into their eighties, nineties, and beyond. Combining cutting-edge medical research with common sense and gentle guidance, Dr. A’s Habits of Health is a single source for weight loss and permanent, radiant health.

HOH-1A Sample of the Most Helpful Amazon Reviews:

Dr Wayne Andersen Habits of Health“After years of yo-yo dieting and the emotional trauma that comes with recurrent diet failure, I managed to `diet’ myself up to morbid obesity. Through a caring friend, I found Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen and began his program in 2002. Since I was out of control with food, I needed the structure it provided, it was easy to follow and I safely lost 135 pounds in seven months. The best part is that I have maintained a healthy weight for over six years by incorporating the teachings of Dr. Andersen and changing the way I live.” –Nancy Pettit (5 stars)

“This is the only weight loss book you will ever need. I live the typical american lifestyle and was very overweight and feeling terrible every day. I started take shape for life and read dr A’s book. I have lost 80 lbs in 6 months and I am continuing on my way to optimal health. I have read this book twice and I am on my third time. Even my husband was able to adapt to this lifestyle. It’s a no brainer! Read it, change your life and become the best person possible. Thank you so much Dr. A.” –Kristin I. Sonner (5 stars)

“This is an AMAZING resource for people who have struggled with their weight – Dr. A is thoughtful, resourceful, practical and caring in his approach to partner with you to go on the your journey to optimal health. This is truly a “new wave” in the field of healthcare, with the tools and information to arm you for your journey – the BESLIM philosophy is easy and it works… Breakfast/Exercise/Support/Lowfat Meals 5-6 times a day, Individual Plan and Monitor – it’s that simple! Society can change now – ‘cause we have the tools! Thanks Dr. A!” –Diane L. Darrow (5 stars)

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