Dr. Wayne Andersen – Speaker, Author, Leader in Creating Optimal Health

NY Times Bestselling Author Dr. Wayne Andersen has become one of the most sought after speakers on creating Optimal Health.

Dr-Wayne-Andersen-Speaker-Optimal-Health As the leader of the Optimal Health Movement and bestselling author of Discover Your Optimal Health and Dr. A’s Habits of Health, Dr. A has become the expert on inspiring Americans to create health in their lives. His talks are informative and motivating, rich with scientific insight as well as moving stories from the people he has met and helped. Slider-DrA-4Dr. A has presented to audiences across the world, in all media. As the Co-Founder and Medical Director of OPTAVIA™, he presents regularly at regional and national conventions and conferences to thousands of people, and he is available for media events, interviews, keynotes, and associations interested in learning more about the trends and topics in creating health.

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