One of the nation’s foremost physicians in nutritional intervention and lifestyle management

Dr. A has devoted his life to forging new territory in the realm of creating optimal health and wellbeing through a comprehensive approach that addresses and breaks through challenging logistical and psychological  barriers.

He believes that everyone has the potential to create optimal wellbeing in their lives, regardless of their current reality. Through his work as a physician, author, speaker, and mentor, Dr. A has helped thousands of people transform their habits, putting them on the path to live longer, healthier lives.

A sought-after international expert in health

Over the course of his mission. Dr. A has accomplished the following:

  • Developer of the Habits of Health Transformational System. Find out more about this pioneering coaching model to create lifelong sustainable transformation and access resources and support at
  • The nation’s tenth board-certified physician in critical care, helping to pioneer the emerging sub speciality of intensive care medicine.
  • Serving as Director of the Surgical Critical Care Program at Grandview Medical Center.
  • New York Times Bestselling Health Author. View his books at The second edition of Habits of Health will be coming soon.
  • Co-Founder of OPTAVIA®, he was recently recognized for impacting over a million lives and is leading the movement to better health through lifestyle medicine.
Dr. A

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