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Our Perspective on Health Needs to Change

Good habits are a matter of small little steps that are done over time until they become ingrained. The Habits Health Transformational system is truly a developmental system to help people write new software, to actually change their internal operating system and put them in position to now make the choices at a subconscious level that creates vibrant health and radiant well-being.

Video Transcript:

We have the experience here in the United States, where we’ve learned what doesn’t work, what doesn’t create well-being. 

You know, the United States is 5% of the world’s population. They consume 50% of the pharmaceuticals in the world, 500 billion dollars, it’s crazy. People don’t want more medications and yet we’re selling sickness. In a sense, the medical delivery system is nothing but a business now. We’re almost at 3 trillion dollars in our health care budget, and we’re not even in the top 20 in terms of health. 

We’ve lost our way. 

The work I’m doing now is profoundly more effective than the work I did in the past. Yeah, I helped a few people a day in the intensive care unit to not die. 

Now, I’m helping, you know hundreds of thousands of people create health in their life and it’s the right thing.

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