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Wayne Andersen

Stop. Challenge. Choose.

Awareness of our own choices, especially in the moment, is one of the keys to creating change in our life. It’s also one of the most challenging things we can ask ourselves to do because we have spent a lifetime sleepwalking through our days.

Video Transcript:

Stop. Challenge. and Choose., is technology I developed to help people really regain control of themselves.

We go throughout our day, we’re reacting to the things around us and many times that reaction is at a subconscious level. What happens is we have a stimulus and we respond automatically to your emotions welling up inside that have you then react, and once you start reacting it’s too late.

You’re now involved in it, and we become emotional, and we forget about thinking logically. And when that happens we suddenly lose control over the outcome, but right when that happens you want to Stop. You want to observe what’s going on. You want to Challenge., why you’re thinking, you’re feeling, or seeing, and you Choose., an outcome that moves you forward in a progressive way.

You’ve now created that gap. And that gap is everything.

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