Session 14: Inside or Outside. What Will You Focus on During the Next Revolution Around the Sun?

Put your lab coat on and take a deep look at what’s inside! This session we talk about looking at our thoughts, that voice in our head, and focus on becoming more aware and more present. Where we can look at everything around us and observe it in a way that helps us understand everything […]

Session 13: Understanding Your Psyche: Where Thoughts and Emotions Collide

Put your lab coat on! In this session, we talk about what happens when your emotions and thoughts collide. Video Transcript Dr. A: All right everybody, welcome to our Conscious Leaders Forum. Very excited about today, we’re going to have a great one. We’ll give about a minute, we’re at 11:59, about a minute for […]

Session 12: Be Kind to Your Mind: Understanding Why It Makes You Nuts

In this forum, we talk about how our thoughts and emotions can keep us in a constant “cognitive loop.” Where thoughts lead to emotions and emotions lead to thoughts. We also discover three tools that you can apply to your daily life that can help you move forward in a calm and controlled way. Video […]

Session 11: Thoughts—Where Do They Come From?

In this session, we go through the different types of thoughts and their origin. There is always a reason why your mind creates one thought versus another. Video Transcript Dr. A: All right, well welcome everybody to our conscious leaders forum. I’m Dr. Wayne Andersen and I’ll be your guide today, your facilitator, and we’ll […]

Session 10: Can The Outside World Make Us Happy?

One of the goals of this forum is to build Internal Stability and External Equilibrium. We ponder and answer questions about how the outside world can affect us. Video Transcript Dr. A: Welcome everybody to the conscious leaders forum. Very excited. We had a hiatus last month. I was traveling in Africa with my family […]

Session 9: Emotional Management

If you want to get healthier you can go to the physical gym consistently to stay healthy and be fit. If we stop caring for our bodies, they react in a negative way. The same happens with our minds. We need to hit the mental gym in order to understand ourselves and better navigate through […]

Session 7: How Do We Move Smoothly Into Our Future?

Consciousness refers to the state of being aware of one’s thoughts and feelings. The more aware we are, the more we can consciously influence our thoughts and feelings and help others. But here’s the challenge: How do we put what we learn about consciousness into practice? This session dives deep into this topic. Video Transcript […]

Session 6: Getting to Know Yourself!

In this session, we talk about habits and awareness for a better understanding of ourselves. Video Transcript Dr. A: Well, welcome everybody. We’ll get started in about a minute or so, give a chance for everybody to kind of get on and very excited today, being with you. We’re gonna have a lot of fun […]

Session 5: What is Our Personal Mind?

In this fifth session of the Conscious Leaders Forum, we explore the concept of our Personal Mind, different mindsets, and empowerment. Video Transcript Dr. A: Welcome everybody to the conscience leadership forum. I’m Dr. A. I’m facilitating this and the way this usually works is I’ll either have a guest or I’ll have a little […]

Session 3: How Do We Free Ourself?

How do we free ourselves? We may think we have issues outside but in reality, we have them inside—fears, insecurities, guilt, needs, etc. In this session, we address how these thoughts are keeping us from freeing ourselves and how to deal with those intrusive thoughts in our daily experiences. Video Transcript Dr. A: Well, welcome […]