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Mix up Your Workouts.

By alternating your daily exercise routine (walking Monday, tennis Tuesday, spinning class Wednesday…) you give various muscle groups a chance to recover and strengthen. It ...

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Stay in Balance.

Diets that put your nutritional balance out of whack nearly always fail and can actually make it harder to lose weight in the future. Read ...

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Fill up with Fiber.

High fiber foods slow down digestion and help keep your appetite in check throughout the day. So remember to include fiber-rich foods such as fruits, ...

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Choose wisely.

Making positive choices (towards health) or negative choices (towards disease) may not seem to make much difference at the moment, but over time, those little ...

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Go veggie once a week.

Go veggie! Research shows that eating meatless chili, for example, opposed to that usual turkey club, will cut calories and boost your cardiovascular health.

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