Stop. Challenge. Choose. 3 Steps Towards Creating Optimal Health

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The new e-book from Dr. Wayne Andersen, NY Times Bestselling Author and leader in creating Optimal Health – it’s free!

We’re committed to providing you the tools and support you need to create Optimal Health in your life. This book is designed to make optimal health accessible for anyone who wants it. We don’t demand that you become an extreme athlete who swings sledge hammers and flips tires. And we don’t put you on a crash diet.The book contains Dr. A’s latest thinking on changing habits of disease into habits of health using a new model for behavioral change. By examining the “cue” of a habit we can work through changing the “routine” to reach reach the same reward. The book also provides self-evaluations for your physical health, mental health and financial health.
Read it yourself, take the self-evaluations – you decide.
Dr. Andersen’s new book simplifies the way we all look at the choices we make every day that effect our health. By learning to “stop” what we’re doing, “challenging” ourself to understand the result of our choices, and to “choose” health he has helped thousands turn negative habits of disease into positive habits of health.
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