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AI, Technology, and the Preciousness of Time

In an increasingly digital world, data is everywhere. Distraction is everywhere. The richest companies in the world design devices and platforms to bid for our attention on a daily, hourly and even minute by minute basis. Your time is precious. Technology can be used to help you, not distract you. Take the time to examine how you use technology so it serves you.

Video Transcript:

More and more we are connecting ourselves to a digital world that’s being controlled by someone else. 

And because of that, we are thinking less. We are relying on this digital world to provide for us this surrounding service. 

Now in some ways, is it great? Absolutely. Now you are never going to get lost again. You are going to find the best restaurants. You can analyze almost anything. So there are some great data collections. 

But at the same time, remember, the corporations are collecting data on you, and if you are not aware and you don’t start to really explore and know yourself, these companies are going to control you. 

The things from the outside controlling us, they are never going to be in service of us. And that doesn’t bode well for our future individually or collectively.

We need to now reprioritize how technology serves us, so we are not serving it.

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