Session 31: How Our Thoughts Run Our Life

In this session, we talk about how to put yourself in a position to organize your life around what matters most to you and at the same time, build consciousness so you can become the Dominant force in your life. Video transcript: Dr. A: All right. Well welcome, everybody. This is Dr. A and we’re […]

Session 8: How Our Self Concepts Hold Us Back

In this session of the Conscious Leaders Forum, we discuss how our self-concepts hold us back. There are different types of thoughts that affect us, and through awareness, we can learn to control them. Control your thoughts and you’ll improve your self-concept. Video Transcript Dr. A: Well, welcome everybody to our conscious leadership forum. We’ll […]

Session 3: How Do We Free Ourself?

How do we free ourselves? We may think we have issues outside but in reality, we have them inside—fears, insecurities, guilt, needs, etc. In this session, we address how these thoughts are keeping us from freeing ourselves and how to deal with those intrusive thoughts in our daily experiences. Video Transcript Dr. A: Well, welcome […]