Session 29: Where Does Our Happiness Come From?

Where Does Our Happiness Come From? I believe it’s important to explore that because it’s vital to the quality of our life and it’s essential to take steps to maximize. It’s not going to happen by itself. It’s something we must do. Just like we can go to the gym and work on our muscles, […]

Session 28: Consciousness and You: What Does it Mean?

The more we’re self-aware, the more we can consciously influence our thoughts and feelings and respond in resourceful ways to help others. Video Transcript: Dr. A: All right. Well welcome, everybody, to the Conscious Leaders Forum. We are very excited. It’s actually— we call it the Conscious Forum. I put that extra word in there […]

Session 26: How Do We Break Our Unhealthy Patterns?

Emergent processes are processes that allow you to move forward in your life. They’re updatable. They’re exciting. This month we talk about repetitive patterns, emergent processes and how you can put yourself in the best position to continue to grow in your life. Video Transcript: Dr. A: So let’s get started. As you know, this […]

Session 25: How Can I Improve My Life This New Year on Our Next Trip Around the Sun?

In this session, we talk about three modalities that you can use to start practicing this year, on your next trip around the sun! Video Transcript: Dr. A: All right. Well, welcome everybody. Happy New Year! We’re going to be talking a lot about the new year and what it means, and what it means […]

Session 23: How Do You Frame Your Life?

How do you look at your life? Are you open, curious, and want to grow? What percent of the time are you in the present? These are just a few questions we address in this month’s Conscious Leadership Forum. Video Transcript: Dr. A: All right. Well welcome, everybody. Welcome to the Conscious Leaders Forum. We’re […]

Session 22: How Can I Be OK in This Crazy World?

The world is changing at a rapid rate. In this session, we talk about how we can create wellbeing in this crazy world. Video Transcript Dr. A: Well welcome everybody. This is Dr. A and you’re part of the Conscious Leaders Forum and I’m glad you’re here. We’ll give an opportunity for everybody to kind […]

Session 21: Waking Up!! The Path to Joy in Your Life

In this session of the Conscious Leaders Forum, we discuss Waking Up! and discover how to find the path to joy in our lives. Video transcript: Dr. A: All right. Well, welcome everybody to our forum. Very excited today. Missed you guys and really excited about talking about: How Do We Create Joy in Our […]

Session 20: Changing Your Operating System

You are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings. In this session, we take a look at three simple modalities you can start using today to help you grow and become more aware. Dr. A: All right everybody. Welcome to the Conscious Forum. We’re going to get started in about a minute. We’ll give […]

Session 15: Why Take the Journey to Higher Consciousness?

When we’re looking outside for something to be changed for us to be alright, it’s not going to work. We are one of eight billion people on the planet and life outside of us isn’t going to tailor itself for us. So we’ve got to work on the inside. In this session, we focus on […]

Session 14: Inside or Outside. What Will You Focus on During the Next Revolution Around the Sun?

Put your lab coat on and take a deep look at what’s inside! This session we talk about looking at our thoughts, that voice in our head, and focus on becoming more aware and more present. Where we can look at everything around us and observe it in a way that helps us understand everything […]