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The Drama Triangle

Most of the world spends most of their time in the Drama Triangle. When we’re in the Drama Triangle, we tend to project our thoughts and feelings out, and that can affect our relationships and our own health. We need to take back control. To be able to put our mind where we want, when we want, for as long as we want.

Video Transcript:

The Drama Triangle is present throughout our world.

Now, most of modern life is about drama. It’s the need to be right. Our ego processes what we see, what we hear, and does it in a way that protects us and suppresses us. Being wrong. That’s what the drama triangle is about.

Someone’s got to be the villain, someone’s got to be the hero, and someone has to be the victim and this is where most people in the world live.

Coming out of that triangle is the first step to taking back control and creating the life you really want for yourself.

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