Our Perspective on Health Needs to Change

Good habits are a matter of small little steps that are done over time until they become ingrained. The Habits Health Transformational system is truly a developmental system to help people write new software, to actually change their internal operating system and put them in position to now make the choices at a subconscious level […]

AI, Technology, and the Preciousness of Time

In an increasingly digital world, data is everywhere. Distraction is everywhere. The richest companies in the world design devices and platforms to bid for our attention on a daily, hourly and even minute by minute basis. Your time is precious. Technology can be used to help you, not distract you. Take the time to examine […]

We’re Becoming an Indoor Species

Spending time in nature is one of the most important things we can do for our mental health and wellbeing. Yet so many people are becoming indoor species. Wherever you live, whoever you’re with, whatever the weather; get outside, take a breath and reconnect with nature. Video Transcript The average child spends 5 to 6 […]